The Crossroads



72nd & Dodge Street
Omaha, Nebraska 



40 Acres
Approximately 1.5 Million Square Feet


Estimated Completion Date



Project Developers:

Lockwood Development
Century Development

About The Property

Lockwood Development has partnered with Frank Krejci, of Century Development, to redevelop one of Omaha's most iconic intersections - 72nd & Dodge Street.

Originally Omaha's Brandeis Department Store in 1960, then becoming Crossroads Mall, this intersection is more than its iconic address. It’s where people, cultures, and ideas have crossed paths and formed connections for decades.

Opening 2024, The Crossroads development will transform central Omaha as we know it. This project creates a dynamic connection between downtown and west Omaha and will merge retail, business, art, entertainment, education, health care, and more, breathing life back into the heart of our city. 72nd and Dodge will thrive again.



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